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Willow Park Church of Christ

Willow Park Church of Christ

Willow Park Church of ChristWillow Park Church of Christ


Here you will find a selection of insightful and encouraging messages from minister Bob Heil.



The problem with us older people is that to many of us are still trying to compete with people half our age.  Well, I say STOP.

Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and founder of the school of analytical psychology, at the turn of the 20th Century, had it right I think. While there are a number of theories about aging, Jung proposed that there are really just two parts to adult life. (Understand this is a gross simplification).  He proposed that when we reach that 50 or 60 yrs range we have a different approach to living.  Younger adults are busy making a living, raising families, getting ahead in the world, making a name for themselves and such.  He suggest that when we try to live by those same aims and purpose we find ourselves frustrated, dissatisfied, unfulfilled.  Our last third of life shouldn’t be spent plowing the same fields we did when we were young. Let it go. There’s something better. The word he used is Heritage. Older age is for Heritage. What values do we leave our children and grandchildren.

It’s a time to “transcend” the everyday mundane and see values beyond acts and objects themselves. That’s what spirituality is. It is viewing things beyond the obvious or present and seeing them within a bigger context.

Join us at Willow Park Church of Christ, we honor heritage. 


It’s About Honor

Senior Moments.

No this is not about those blank forgetful pauses in memory.

It’s about honor.


As the first posting on “Senior Moments” I want to say something about prayer.

You know as we grow older we are able to look back over our lives and see in so many places the hand of GOD. Personally, I think GOD has been waiting on the time in our lives when we are able to know the difference between what is important or necessary, and what is essential. We’ve been so busy with important and necessary things that often we neglected the essential. Now, finally, as veterans of life, we learn to make time for the essential.

Some see old age in a negative light. I see it as more time for GOD.

Years ago I was teaching a Bible class on prayer and mentioned how comforting it was to fall asleep in prayer and to wake each morning continuing that prayer. Someone in the class said, “just wait until you wake up 2 or 3 times a night and find yourself praying.” And it’s true! And it is not as much praying for various needs any more. To my surprise I find that the majority of my prayers are prayers of thanksgiving for all the times that GOD carried me while I was doing all those “important” and “necessary” things.

I have a definition of prayer I picked up years ago:

Prayer is having GOD will done in my life, on His terms, in His time, and filled with thanksgiving.

Come visit with us…


Watching Clouds

Somebody said – life is what happens while we are planning something else, and what happens  in the process is, we miss living in the “today.”  We miss the beauty, the opportunities, the kindness shown us and kindness we would have shown, because we are busy planning our tomorrows. What also happens is that we begin to expect life to be about some occasion, event, experience, other than the one we are in right now.

It is like what someone else wrote:   

  • “While waiting for perfect, we pass on ordinary.                                                                   
  • While waiting for better, we don’t give our best effort to good.                                                    
  • While waiting for new and improved, we leach the joy right out of this, or any moment.”

Remember Alfred E. Newman?  He said, “Most of us don’t know what we want in life, but we are sure that we haven’t got it.”

When was the last time you watched a sunset?  Enjoyed a handful of fresh strawberries? Took a salt shaker to the garden to eat tomatoes (sorry about the salt thing)?  Played golf with your grandson in the backyard chipping for a “green” made from a garden hose laid out in a circle.  When was the last time you experienced a time without expectations, worry, or fear?

The Bible tells us to “live one day at a time.”  If you try otherwise, you’ll pile up more trouble, tasks, worries, than you can handle.  But have you considered that really you don’t have a choice?  You can only live one day at a time.  But how aware of the day are you?

Let me offer a challenge.  The next time you are out for a run for your “cardio vascular workout,” spend most of the time stopped.  Look up at the sky and  watch  the clouds.  I say that is so much better for your heart.  

Take time to enjoy today. 


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